Giving Back

Deleted Scene Tattoo Removal's Give Back Program provides free, safe, and effective laser removal of radiation marks for cancer survivors, tattoos for human trafficking survivors, and hateful, racist, offensive, or gang-related tattoos.


Medical or radiation marks/tattoos are used on cancer patients to mark areas that require radiation therapy. However, for many cancer survivors, radiation tattoos serve as unpleasant visual reminders of their negative experiences with cancer. Patients who wish to take advantage of this free service must provide an official letter from their physician or oncologist approving the removal of any radiation tattoos prior to starting treatment.


Many human trafficking victims are commonly forced to get a tattoo to indicate their enslaver's ownership, similar to how farmers brand their cattle. These tattoos are painful reminders of human trafficking survivors' scary and violent past.


Gang-related tattoos and offensive/racist/hateful tattoos also serve as negative reminders of one's past, especially formerly incarcerated individuals who have since corrected their ways. Laser tattoo removal doesn't just provide freedom from past mistakes, it also provides new opportunities for securing employment.


The Give Back Program at Deleted Scene gives individuals a new beginning, separate from their past, and a fresh start on life.


If you identify with one of the audiences listed above, please contact us for more information regarding Deleted Scene Tattoo Removal's Give Back Program.